My Best Day Ever

Topics: Bowling, Bowling ball, Ten-pin bowling Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: September 16, 2013
So there I was, standing in the parking lot of a bowling alley, when suddenly it started raining. I felt myself melting in the rain. I thought of running back inside the bowling alley, so I would not melt away.

After I ran back inside, I realized that I had left my bowling bag outside, but I didn’t want to run back out and melt. So I grabbed an umbrella and ran out to get my bag. My two bowling balls were a Gator ball and a red lightning ball, both of which are fourteen pounds.

When I returned with my bowling ball, Coach Tom Phillips, one of the best professional bowlers I had ever seen, gave me some “bowling tips” on trying to hit more strikes and spares. He told me after I rolled the bowling ball, I needed to bring my hand beside my right ear. It was all part of my technique. I did that for the first and third games but on the second game in the tenth frame, I missed my spare by a hair.

Coach Phillips was so amazed when I hit seven strikes in a row, three spares and two final strikes in the tenth frame. He pulled me aside and asked me why I couldn’t do that during League Bowling. I told him that I was not as focused as I was on this day. Both of us laughed.

We made an agreement that if I broke two hundred, he and my father agreed to buy me a bowling ball, one that I got to choose. I became so psyched even before I started bowling, so all of us agreed. So during practice, I hit my first 205 game, but that was just practice. When the bowling actually starts, then that’s when it gets serious.

The following Saturday, my college bowling team the second ranked, went up against the first ranked team, The Butter Beaters. My team consisted of me, Evan, Charlie and Ian. The four of us have been together since we first started bowling as a team in 2008, and it is the year 2018.

By the eighth frame of the championship match, I had already rolled eight strikes in a row! After I rolled my ninth strike, I injured my bowling shoulder. Coach Phillips came...
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