My Beloved

Topics: Laughter, 24 Hours, Smile Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: February 20, 2014
It was a fine day and my third day to face my mid-year examination.Before I entered the examination hall,I prayed to God for my best result in this task.When I took my seat,I could not tear my eyes away from the empty plastic chair beside me.It was very hard to concentrate on my Physics paper in front of me without my beloved girlfriend,Sazana beside me.So much has happened in just 24 hours. Twenty-four hours ago,Sazana was sitting beside me, struggling with Additional Mathematics paper while smiling at me when I looked at her.She was a strong-minded and ambitious girl.She was able to do task successfully.She breathed a sigh of relief when the examination was over.We went out to our favourite cafe near our school with our best friends,Harry, Anazawa,Kent and Sara.She ordered her favourite drink,apple juice and I noticed that she looked different .She brushed it aside as exam fever.We enjoyed our drinks together happily.After that, I bought her an ice-cream from an ice-cream vendor by the road side.She was so happy and I could feel that when I looked at her eyes bright with excitement.Then,we went back to our homes. Later that night,I received a midnight call.I thought it was from Sazana but I was wrong.It was from Aunt Laviosa,Sazana’s mother.She told that Sazana had been admitted to the Harvard Hospital.Then she paused. “Sazana fell in the bathroom while bathing and was seriously bleeding.”she said stutteringly. She slipped into a coma and unconscious.My tears blurred my vision and I felt my world going to pieces.I could not sleep peacefully that night. On the next day,I saw my friends writing and wondered whether they were struggling like me.I glanced at my Rolex watch,a watch given by Sazana on my birthday last week and realized that it was late.We would be going to the hospital to visit Sazana there after the exam.How was I going to see her lying on the bed in ward? She was always there for...
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