My Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

Topics: Education / Pages: 2 (617 words) / Published: Dec 2nd, 2014
Madison Martin
ECED 2002
November 23, 2014
My Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
1. It is important for students to be able to learn the appropriate content set aside by the state, but also for them to learn skills to put the content to work. Students need to realize their own understanding, and learn how to think critically about the content they have been taught.
2. In my classroom I would use group work, individual work, and classroom work. I think all three are very important ways for students to understand the same material in different environments and to learn how to use them and learn them to the best of their abilities. Students have different learning styles and by working in different ways, I feel it would better the learning environment for those who can’t just learn it one way.
3. I expect to find every kind of diversity in the classroom: Sexuality, religion, race, etc. I am not a judgmental person, therefore, I understand when something is offensive or inappropriate. I would set limits in my classroom and teach to accept diversity because it is all around.
4. I am aware that at different ages the brain is growing more or less, and also the development of the children are much different. As teachers they have to teach according to the age and the development of each student. Younger children’s brains are rapidly growing and learning language and new words. Therefore, they need to be taught to read and write in these ages. They also have short attention spans and have more energy throughout the day. Older children have the skills to think logically and this is when math skills are developed. They need to be challenged in math and logical concepts.
5. I believe people learn in totally different ways. There are many learning styles. When I was younger I couldn’t learn by just someone talking to me, I needed to be shown how to do it. Now as a college student, I still need a PowerPoint to follow along in class. Some students require only verbal

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