My Beautiful Life

Topics: Deaf culture, Hearing impairment, Sentence Pages: 5 (968 words) Published: October 10, 2013
b. Tell about your life-events. Incorporate your ideas under the title “My Life History”. Use linking devices to link the events together.

15. Answer any TWO of the following questions: 2x10=20 a. Write about an interesting dream you saw recently. Did it have any connection to your real life? b. Show the points of similarities and differences between the two supernatural stories “The House Call” and “The Loving Mother”. c. Summarize the story “Fear”.

16. Give short answers to any THREE of the following questions: 3x5=15 a. What evidences are there in the story to show that the Soto family was poor? b. Why did the doctor have a look of surprise on his face when Elda told him that her little daughter died in September? c. Why does Janet want to take Kim to her parent’s home for few days? d. What is a supernatural story?


Rajahar-1, Nawalparasi, Lumbini
First Term Examination-2070 B.S.
Class: XIF.M. :100
Subject : Compulsory EnglishP.M. :35
Time :3 hrs
Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable. Figure in the margin indicates full marks. 1. Complete the following by writing an appropriate letter in each space: 2x1=2 i. ’Beauty’ comes before ‘beckon’ because _____comes before _____in the alphabet. ii. ‘Pupil’ comes before ‘puppet’ because _____ comes before _____in the alphabet.

2. Put the following words into the correct order to make suitable sentences: 3x1=3
i. official/he/a/to/wanted/government/become.
ii. of/he/tea/her/him/cup/asked/give/a/to.
iii. dentist/often/how/do/you/to/the/go?
3. Choose the correct word from the pair given in brackets: 5x1=5 i. Do you think the new constitution of Nepal will come into ……soon? (affect/effect) ii. You will………….your deposit if you cancel the order. (lose/loose) iii. She is determined to put her new ideas into………..(practice/practice) iv. Pens, papers and envelopes are……….items. (stationary/stationery) v. When are you…………….to vote in your country? (eligible/illegible)

4. Compose a dialogue between two friends describing their first day in college. 1x5=5

5. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: 5x2=10
It is very difficult for a deaf child to learn to talk. Most babies learn by hearing other people talking, but the deaf child cannot hear them, so how can she know what talking sounds are like? Many deaf people learn to lip read, and they become very clever at knowing what other people are saying by watching them. But Helen could not see what other people were doing. She remembered a few words she had known before she was ill: for instance, she went on calling water ‘waa-waa’. But she had to make signs for most things. She would shake her head for ‘No’ and nod for ‘Yes’. A pull meant ‘Come’ and push, ‘Go’. But of course she could say very little like this, and she depended entirely on other people. Yet Helen had an active mind and a clever brain, and wanted to do and say everything any other child would. She used to get into terrible tempers when she could not explain what she meant, or understand what others wanted.

a. Why is it very difficult for a deaf child to learn to talk? b. What do you understand by ‘lip reading’?
c. How did Helen express ‘Yes’ and ‘No’?
d. Why did she want to do everything any other child would?
e. When did she get into terrible tempers?

6. What can you have done at a: 2x1=2 a. Hairdresser’s b. Photographer’s 7. Add a decision to these remarks: 3x1=3 Example:...
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