My Beach Memories

Topics: Water, English-language films, Ocean Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: October 18, 2009
My Beach Memories

Sifting back through my memories, I am reminded of a peaceful, quiet time in my life. My mind drifts back to a happy place of relaxation and tranquility. I am able to remove myself from all the continued chaos of everyday life. Sitting on the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun, all of my troubles quickly melt away. I can feel the soft, wet sand as my skin melts into it, reminding me that I have no deadlines to meet or no place to rush off to now. The cool, crisp water feels exhilarating as it rushes over my body. As the ocean waves crash against me, I can still feel the sting of the fine ocean mist and the pungent taste of the salt as it sprinkles over my face. The fresh smell of the salty ocean water clears my sinuses as I synchronize my breathing with the ebb of the tide. Lying quietly in the sun, I can feel its warmth engulfing me like a large fuzzy blanket covering my skin. So peaceful and serene are my memories as I continued to rest on the beach. I can still hear the crash of the water against the rocks. The ocean birds' songs still echo in my head as they sang me to sleep on the soft, warm sand. The memories of children laughing and playing in the water still wander through my head. I also remember the sounds of seagulls chirping as they glide over my paradise. Having not a care in the world, could there be a more wonderful place? The sun sets softly behind the large palm trees as the wind gently blows salt and sand against my body as I sit and watch. The air turns cooler as the night begins. I can see millions of twinkling stars, as I get lost in their magic and mystery. It seems as if time is frozen no worries or stress to cloud my mind. I can be free to dream and ponder over all of my desires. Sitting quietly on the beach, I can be free. These fond memories are my pathway to escape from reality. Even if the moment is brief, it is long enough to rekindle my desire for life. Just reminiscing over my time at the...
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