My Bad Experience at the Beach

Topics: Surfing, English-language films, Drowning Pages: 1 (440 words) Published: January 9, 2007
Journal #2

Thinking about water, I always remember my bad experience at the beach. Nine years ago, during my summer vacation, I went to the Sami beach in the Southern part of Japan. At the time, I was with my best friend, Ken, who wanted to go there for surfing. The beach was very beautiful. With clean, white sand, and the sun shining down, the beached seemed like the best place to be that day. I heard from Ken that this beach was popular among the young surfers. When we arrived, it was still early in the morning, and so we decided to hang out for awhile and walk around, and then go surfing in the afternoon. I wasnft planning to surf at the beginning, but I decided to give a try, since he seemed to enjoy surfing. When I started surfing, it was fun, and I also learned some tips from Ken on how to surf faster. The water was warm and we were having lots of fun, so much func that I didnft even care if my feet were getting tired. After a couple hours, I noticed that it was getting harder to swim, and I started to drown in the middle of the ocean. I never experienced anything like this before, and I felt so panicked, that I didnft know what to do. I couldnft even swim enough to make it back to the shore. I really began to think that that I would be stuck there forever and die by drowning. I noticed that the riptide was becoming stronger, and with\the waves getting higher, my surfboard was flushed away. I had nothing to hang on to around me, and it made me feel so powerless. I remember struggling some more and I began to scream out for Kenfs help, but it seemed that he couldnft hear me, because of the loud sounds of the waves. I almost gave up yelling for help, when he noticed that I was in trouble. He came and pulled me afloat and swam along side of me. Sometimes, when my friends ask me if I want to go the beach, I have to say to them that Ifm busy that day or that I canft make it. Itfs not that I want them to think that I donft want...
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