My Autobiography

Topics: Management, Present, Work Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: June 23, 2013
An Autobiography

I am Froilan N. Aloro, 29 years old and a graduate of BSN. Apart from my professional qualifications and description I would like to detail more about myself in this narrative.
I am the first-born in a family of two and I was raised in Antique (one of the provinces in Visayas). Both of my parents are high school undergraduates. However, their lack in education, it was compensated with their close supervision of my childhood making sure that I learn the proper attitude and a very good upbringing, which I have brought with me in my professional life. That’s all thanks to my parents.

In my nine years of profession, I have been into an array of disciplines. And since my college days, I have already been accepting a lot of part time jobs to help finance my studies. I was in my fourth year of Nursing when I discovered my skill in doing research. Since then, I have already a thick folio of research from all sorts of discipline under my sleeve. I’ve already done research for: IT, Mechanical Engineering, Social Studies, History, Medicine, Food and Beverage/Hospitality and of course Nursing. I’ve also written numerous term papers for different clients in all levels of education with various topics as well. Apart from research, I’ve also worked part time as a private duty nurse. Also, I have been a part-time consultant for a hospital in which I worked with a partner to improve their over-all status and improve the management. And I’ve done also a lot of talks and lectures in different topics that are mostly about: Leadership, Management, Therapeutic Communication Skills, Strategic Planning, Conflict Management, Stress and Anger Management, etc.

So much as I am a very busy person, I make it sure that I balance everything out since I strongly believe that time management is one of the best skills to develop and can greatly affect me as a person and a professional. When I have time, I busy myself with travel, spending time with my family...
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