My Antonia: A Brief Review

Topics: Happiness, Positive psychology, Sky Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Dear Mrs. Cather,
We have recently finished reading your book My Antonia. I enjoyed your book a lot and I would like to tell you a few things like which character I found most unforgettable, the most memorable scene from the book, and what I feel the theme of the story was.

In my opinion the most unforgettable character in your book was Jim Burden. I think the main characteristic that made him unforgettable to me was his kindness. Throughout the story Jim was consistently nice to everyone he encounters, from friendly Antonia to her not so kind mother. In the story there are two instances that really stick out to me where Jim shows just how kind he really is. At Christmas when the blizzard blocks all paths into town and Jim isn't able to buy any presents for the Shimerdas. Instead of giving up Jim took the time to make Yulka the handmade picture book. She loved it. The other time Jims kindness was very noticeable was when his grandmother found out that Jim was sneaking out of the house to go to the dances at the Fireman's Hall with the hired girls. Mrs. Burden was crying and asked Jim to stop going to the dances because she was worried about his reputation. As soon as Jim listened to her reason for wanting him to stop going and saw her cry he did what she asked. That's a really nice thing to do. The other reason Jim was total unforgettable is because of the things that he achieved in his lifetime. Going to Harvard is a huge deal no matter what time period you're in and then becoming a rich and successful lawyer is a great achievement.

The most memorable scene in the book, to me, was when Jim first arrives at the farm and grandma takes him out to the garden to let him look around. The sky was afire with all the colors of the setting sun going down over the hills that were covered in the tall red grass. The grass swayed in the gentle breeze making the whole horizon look as though it was moving like an ocean of red green seaweed. The air and loose soil of the...
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