My annoyance

Topics: Traffic, Road, Workweek Pages: 1 (539 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Florence Raz
Pro. James Legakis
English 49
Annoyance on the Weekend Shopping “Oh, No, I`m so exhausted, how much long do we have to wait to pass the traffic light?Why the car in front of us not moving?” I said to my daughter who was sitting next to me in the car. This happened on the weekend when we were on the way to go shopping at Zaiyon grocery store on Convoy. While my daughter and I love shopping on the weekends, because of the inconvenience of going out. We decided to go shopping on the weekday to avoid traffic on the roads, facing parking problem, and crowds inside the store made us too tired. To began with, traffic on the roads bothers us a lot. Last weekend because of the traffic, it took us about thirty minutes to get to the grocery store which usually takes us ten minutes on weekdays. To pass each traffic lights, we had to wait for almost five minutes because of the long line. Sometimes other drivers squeezed in our line to pass the traffic light while it was green because of frustration. The noise of the horn from the cars behind us almost made deaf because they did not want the other cars to get into our line. The heat and the pollution of the cars caused me to have headache. Not only the traffic was a hassle on the road, but finding a parking was another problem for us. Zaiyon shares its parking with other stores like restaurants, a hair salon and coffee shops. It is hard to get a spot. As soon as we got to the parking lot. Many cars jumped in front of us from the other side of the parking row to get our parking spot. As a result we had to drive around the parking lot to find another spot. Finally, we could find a parking spot after a long wait. When we finished with the parking problems, we had to deal with the crowds inside the store. We had to stay...
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