My American Story

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Rinku Patel
Essay# 3, Final Draft
English 93-25
March 14th, 2013
My American Story
America is the full of immigrants’ people. When they are come here they bring their food, culture, clothing styles, and so on. When they are in their countries they all have different views of how America look like, how is the people over there. Also, they are come here with lots of acceptation from this country. On my first day in America when I got out from the airport people were speaking English and I didn’t know how to reply back. I also got lost. Thank God that after my parents came, I felt a little better. At that moment, I felt like I was in another world. I emigrated from India five and half years ago. However, I’m still trying to fit in to this environment where people are always busy and speaking different languages. Additionally, it is hard to find friends. When I lived in India, I thought that in America I would have a better future, but that is still just a dream. Also, I thought that in America people would be more accepting, but that is not really true.

When I started school I had to take the bus and train because in New York, nothing is close to your house. So, in the beginning I got confused about which way was downtown and which way was uptown. As a result, I had to ask other people for help, but when I asked them for direction, they made different kinds of faces and I felt like they were making fun of me. For example, one day I was taking the bus to go somewhere downtown, and I asked the driver for directions, and he tried to tell me, but I still couldn’t understand him because he spoke quickly. So, I asked again and the passengers who were in the bus started laughing at me. Isn’t that so rude? I felt uncomfortable in New York, because in India people are really helpful. If you don’t know how to get some place, people over there will help you really nicely to get to your destination.

Moreover, we know that America is a diverse country because people...
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