My American Dream

Topics: International student, Student exchange program, Student exchange Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: November 14, 2011
David Tateshvili
Comp II
TR 10
My American Dream

Georgia is beautiful country with special people and unique culture; it’s my home-my family. If I ask myself a question why did I left my home and come to the country that is so far away. The answer will be simply to fulfill my American dream. What is American Dream for me? The answer to this is not simple. When I was a kid I was curious what’s so special with America. It’s powerful country, rich. It’s a country where all the movies are coming from that I like, all the shows and “cool stuff”. When I grew up and it was time to seriously think about what I wanted to do in my life-America become not only the country where all the “cool stuff” is coming from. So, how did I start chasing my American dream? In Georgia we have student exchange program, it’s financed by American government and what it does is gives students an opportunity to go to USA and gain American experience. The first time I was coming to USA, I did not know a lot about America and its culture except what I saw in movies and TV. As a participant of the international student exchange program I had a two week orientation about American culture and cultural shock that I might experience. Because the culture is so different we had to go through all the aspects-even minor things. For example, back home when we meet friends we shake hands and “kiss” on each other’s cheek, but on orientation our trainer said “you don’t’ do that in America, the way how to greet people is different and you have to respect everybody’s personal space.” After the first year at Graceland University as an exchange student I already knew a lot about America and it became more than a foreign country “This land is was made for you and me” (American dream) . What I saw was free choice and opportunity that everybody has in this country-opportunity to fulfill my dreams, achieve my goals and overcome the limits that are back home in Georgia. “As I was walking that ribbon of...
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