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Topics: High school, Goofing off Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: April 22, 2015
My Advice to Freshmen
Danielle Brannon
Looking at all the new faces, I see the look of fear. They’re scared? Of what? High School isn’t that difficult. However, I do have some advice for these incoming babies. For starters, I’d tell them not to goof off, to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, and to enjoy every second of the classes that they dread.

Being the class clown might get you a lot of friends, but nobody is worth your grades. Parties and goofing off with friends is for when those short seven hours are over. It’s important to take everything seriously and take advantage of all the opportunities they are offered, because they don’t want to be struggling when they get to their senior year. Putting forth the effort to succeed might mean you miss out on a somethings, but when you walk across the stage, it’ll all be worth the extra study hours you put in.

Keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer is easier said than done. Keeping everyone happy is easy when you’re younger, but it all changes when you’re in high school. When your freshman year starts, you’ll have a lot of friends, but when you graduate, you’ll be able to count your true friends on one hand. Just don’t let the people you think are your friends bring you down with them. Be around people your mom and dad would approve, they don’t want you hanging out with someone for a good reason, not just to hurt your feelings.

Last but not least, enjoy every second you have in high school, because it goes by faster than you could ever imagine! Make every memory count, and be involved as much as you can. You’ll never know what you’re good at, or what you like until you try it. Find out who you are; it’s okay to be different! Don’t be scared to express yourself, because nobody is exactly the same.

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