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What is the key idea in popular culture?
The key idea in pop culture is that it is always changing. This is because pop culture identifies with the entertainment produced through and by commercial media, and there are different criteria for entertainment as time goes by. Popular culture includes the practices of everyday life, the activities and communicative practices of everyday life that people take part in or observe to entertain themselves are a part of popular culture. What are the characteristics/parts of culture?

Culture is the way of life of a society. This includes everyday rituals such as meals, work, religious observances, sports, sex, and friendships. The subsections of society are the parts that make up culture.


What is the meaning of media?
-Media is a means of communication used mostly for advertising and getting information related to news, entertainment, education, and more across to people. Media uses television, magazines, newspapers, radio, internet, and anything that helps spread information quickly to many people worldwide, in a community, or even to a specific group of people. Media can mean different things to different people. For example, a young child may think of cartoons, a teenager about celebrities and music they enjoy, and an adult may think of the news and world issues. Ultimately, media informs and keeps you up to date with different events taking place around the world.

What does fashion reveal about someone?
-Fashion is a popular style of dress. It can reveal, to some extent, the personality of one. This is because it allows you to express yourself. The style of an individual is chosen solely by them, and should therefore represent their taste. For instance, bold or bright colours may give off the impression that someone is outgoing or confident. Fashion is a part of everyone’s identity, it is one of the first things someone may notice when they meet you. Dressing in a way in which reflects the image one would like to portray to others is key.


How is the performing arts applied to the larger world?
Performing arts are art forms such as dance, drama, or music that are performed in front of an audience. It is the people of society who take part in these activities and make them possible for others to view and enjoy. The performing arts can convey many different messages to its audience. Sometimes this can be an inspirational experience, and compel people to begin taking part in the arts. Being a part of the performing arts often poses as a way for one to express themself. It can also be a way for others to stay out of trouble and keep their priorities straight, this can help with keeping more successful economies. The performing arts is also a display of the culture(s) of a community, because performances often include beliefs and issues common in a society. Acts that are successful become well-known across a country, or even the world and may influence the people of other cultures.

How could we use media to overcome world issues?
Media can be used to spread important information to whichever audience desired. The many different forms help to reach a wide range of people. These different forms of media can be used to convey messages of world issues to those who could potentially help make a difference. Commercials, shows, news reports, news articles, magazine articles, radio commercials, websites, mail, name brands, and celebrities can all be used to get these important messages to people around the world. Media is a big first step to the beginning of overcoming world issues.


What are different points of view about name brands/ designers? There are a few different point of views towards name brands and designers. For the most part, you can only love them, feel neutral about them, not know about them, or despise them. Those who love name brands and designers may like the products sold, or be interested in...
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