My 11th Birthday

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Every nineteen of August, it’s my birthday. My parents started to plan my birthday one week before. They wanted to bring me to Chuck E. Cheese because it was a good place for birthdays. It’s a good place for all ages because it has appropriate games, rides, prizes, food, and entertainment. It also has a good fresh baked pizza and a fresh salad bar. Chuck E. Cheese has all types of machines; exclusively it has some televisions for parents and kids.

My family and I enter the building and they identify us with some numbers on our hands. Then, my father bought a lot of coins to play in the machines and he divided the coins in two parts; for my brother and for me. While playing the machines, one game of throwing the coins in some holes I won the Jack Pot and it gave me three hundred tickets. Playing, playing and playing, my brother and I finished the coins, and then we started to eat the two pizzas that my father bought. At the end, they sang me happy birthday to me and all were happy even myself.

My eleventh birthday was a good and cool experience. Furthermore, I started a friendship playing machines called Kenneth, he was ten years old but his family was celebrating nothing. I finished with 1500 tickets approximated. I bought a magic liquid that was blue, and you have to throw it to somebody, and looks like if you have messed up the shirt or anything you have throw it to. I also bought a big ball that says Chuck E. Cheese, some gummy snakes and more cool things. Now I am sixteen years old and I remember it like it was yesterday. This is one of my best memories and experience of my whole life.
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