Mussolini vs Hitler

Topics: Nazism, Nazi Germany, Fascism Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Italy (Mussolini), Germany (Hitler 1933), Russia (Stalin)

After WWI America put tariffs. Neither Italy nor Germany has the possibility to immigrate. They therefore had to depend on themselves. The three leaders followed a system called totalitarian system. In this system the state aims to have total control over all sectors of society. The leader has to establish dictatorship in order to bring this system about. Hitler and Mussolini followed a fascistic style regime or what is so-called in Germany the Nazi regime. Mussolini started on the far left. He was a journalist and began to pick up on ideas which are floating around. He believed that something different was needed. Fascism offers an intensely nationalistic/socialistic ruling style brought about by creating what is called a co-operative state. After WWI Italy was left in a state of chaos. There was a high rate of unemployment. Men who were used to having boots on their feet and one meal a day are left on the streets with nothing. They caused a lot of trouble. Mussolini therefore used these groups and formed his own group of people a police-like group out of these people. People saw that like this Mussolini is organizing the chaos and was therefore immediately adapted as a leader. His regime "the fascistic style regime" was called after the party he had formed which is the "fascistic party". To other countries he appeared very successful. He got the trains to run on time which organized transport. He started to drain the merchants. He also began to build fascist design buildings. The Nazi Party in Germany copied this style. Hitler was a great fan of Mussolini. He was followed because he seemed to be doing well. Nobody saw that behind the scene the status of the south was miserable. They were extraordinary poor. Yet, because nobody has noticed he was copied. Similar to Mussolini, Germany had a high rate of unemployment and brutalization. Many people were on the streets....
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