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taking into account the tools given by Michel Foucault'll do a brief exercise in observation of Muslim culture. Muslims are deeply rooted in the culture religion SLAM party, as in every religion has a holy book them in this particular case is the Koran, as Foucault would say the men followed a speech to the Muslim discourse to follow is the Quran This holy book gives guidelines for living day to day, how to behave, how to dress, how to choose their wives, as we live together with their spouses and other people around them. This sacred book written by the Prophet Muhammad gives some guidelines and empowers the man is the one who has the power of decision in this cult. Taking the man power is displayed as in this culture women have no voice or vote, marriages are arranged between families, the groom's family is negotiating with the family of the bride paying a value either in cash or in kind as agreed between the two families, women do not have the option to fall in love or to freely choose the person with whom you marry, start to see a power relationship is the same family who chooses what is good or not a girl who is able to marry and procreate there is no way to change course on Islam established families who meet all the counsel of the prophet in the Qur'an. And going more in the Parete marriage and Muslim women is very normal man to have more than one wife is clear that the man who has more than one wife can do from that to maintain and give them and their children all they need and equally to each of them and they, clear mind is cone is a power relationship between men and women is the one who chooses his wife and negotiates with the family she has no choice and Marriage becomes the family of her husband obeying all orders and decidíos the holy book. Women in Muslim culture is very LIMITAD, to be developed should cover your hair to leave home or when no men at home

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