Musical Notation and Holidays Homework

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Dear Parent(s),

Summer Vacations are at our doorsteps. Holidays are a well deserved opportunity to relax and rewind by indulging in activities that are pleasurable and at the same time educative. It is also a time to explore the exciting city of Delhi, visit places of interest and gather information about the magnificent monuments. Holidays’ Homework has been designed to fire the imagination of students while exciting them to explore, discover and reinvent. It is desirable that students work independently and seek assistance as and when required.

A few suggestions to be kept in mind.
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Spend quality time with your children. Take them to see places of interest in Delhi. Remember to make notes and click photographs of the places you visit. Help your children to become independent by giving them responsibilities. Involve them in small household activities. Inculcate in them good manners, healthy habits and respect for elders. Help to imbibe the feelings of empathy, affection and tolerance in your children. Give them a chance to look after you and their younger brothers and sisters. Converse with your children in English. ‘Reading maketh a full man ’. Encourage your child to read well. Ensure that the choice of books he/she reads is purposeful while being entertaining. Let your child take classes in performing arts. Help your children improve their handwriting by making them write one page of English and one Page of Hindi everyday. Cultivate sportsmanship by encouraging your children to play various indoor and outdoor games. ‘Walking for Health’ is promoted by all doctors. Accompany your child for ‘morning walk’ daily.


:  Do not get the Holidays’ Homework done by an expert. It must be the effort of the child. Parents must act as guides and facilitators but not substitutes to do the work.  The Homework must be done systematically according to the time table made on the very first day.  Holidays’ Home work should be seen as an interesting activity that helps in mental and physical development of the child.


SHALIMAR BAGH, DELHI-110088 HOLIDAYS’ HOMEWORK, 2013 CLASS : III ENGLISH 1. Prepare a time table for your summer vacation on a A4 size coloured sheet. Fix time periods for your studies, television watching, playing and spending time with your family etc. Paste time table in the scrap file and answer the following questions. a) How much successful were you in following the time table ? b) What did you learn from it ? c) ‘Family talks bring you closer to your parents’. Recollect one such talk that made you feel secure. Express your feelings in a paragraph of about 60 words. (To help students realize the importance of time management and enhance their writing skills). You are planning to organize your birthday party at your place. Prepare a beautiful invitation card to invite your friends and relatives. Paste your photograph and beautify the card with decorative material. Do not forget to mention the theme of your party and dress code. Paste the same in your scrap file. (To enhance the creativity of the students). Learn to prepare a vegetable sandwich. Serve it to your parents, siblings, grandparents and neighbours. Write its recipe along with the ingredients. Write down the comments received from each member in about two to three lines. Also click a photograph of the same and paste it in your scrap file. (To strengthen family and community bonding). Read Chapter 1 to 5 from the novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ and write at least ten new words from each chapter with their meanings in your scrap file. (To promote reading habits and enhance the vocabulary) Practice at least 20 pages of cursive writing in the summer holidays in a separate notebook. (To help the students to improve their handwriting).





Note : English Holidays’ Homework is to be done...
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