Music v.s the people

Topics: Rave, Trance music, Drug addiction, Electronic dance music / Pages: 5 (1031 words) / Published: Dec 12th, 2013
People V.S Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music, more often referred as EDM, is a selective genre of music, which centers in Trance, House, Progressive and Techno, its audience being among ages 11 to 25. Focusing in the art of a DJ performing a continuous DJ set, progressing from one record to the next. Since early 1980s it has been popularizing more and more from time to time, becoming now, one of the biggest music genres in the world. From what it was being "bedroom" DJs and only getting booked to play at an underground "rave" or club has gone to performing at massive festivals, among names like, Ultra in Miami, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks in Colorado, and many other thousands of festivals specializing in this specific sound. EDM has now become a worldwide phenomenon, gone mainstream, from DJs/Producers being popularly known, like David Guetta, The Chemical Brothers, Armin Van Buuren and Swedish House Mafia. Many different times, this subject has been related unjustly to Drugs like Ecstacy, MDMA, etc ... But it is not until now that many people look at this phenomenon as a bad hobby.
In 2010, Insomniac's 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival took place at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with more than 185,000 of attendees during weekend. The festival drew criticism due to a 15 year old attendee who snuck into the 16 and up festival, and died of an overdose in the grounds. Local authorities took the unfortunate accident blaming EDM, drugs and everything involving the genre. EDC was then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in its next installment. This outcome, came to a lot of other people (mostly parents) attentions, whome now seem to be concerned over their children who regularly attend dance music events. Many authorities officials across the United States, have tried banning events involving EDM, but have failed miserably, still ignoring all the positive things these events have to offer.

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