Music Test Review

Topics: Baroque music, Opera, Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: June 18, 2013
1.) Instrumental music became as important as vocal music for the first time in what period? a. Late Baroque
2.) A polyphonic composition based on one main theme, the cornerstone of baroque music is b. The Fugue
3.) The large group of players in the Concerto Grosso is known as the c. The Tutti
4.) Terraced dynamics refers to
d. A sudden alteration from one dynamic level to another 5.) The word movement in music refers to
e. A piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but is part of a larger composition 6.) When the subject of the Fugue is presented in the dominant scale it is called f. The Answer

7.) The music director of a Baroque court was usually NOT responsible for g. The publicity in reaching an audience
8.) Antonio Vivaldi was famous and influential as a virtuoso h. Violinist
9.) Improvisation is
i. Music created at the same time as it’s performed 10.) The two giants of Baroque composition were George Frideric Handel and j. Johan Sebastian Bach
11.) A large court during the Baroque period might employ about ___ performers k. 80
12.) The position of the composer during the Baroque period was that of l. A high class servant with few personal rights
13.) Transitional sections of the Fugue that offer either new material or fragments of the subject or countersubject are called to help m. Episodes
14.) The main keyboards instruments of the Baroque period were the Organ and the n. Harpsichord
15.) Members of the camerata wanted to create a new vocal style based on o. Music of the ancient Greeks
16.) Orpheus goes to Hades in hope of bringing who back to life p. Eurydice
17.) In an opera what happens first
q. The Overture
18.) The introduction to the overture is called
r. The Prelude
19.) In an opera, what is an Aria...
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