Music Review

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Stephanie Aviles
Music Review

The event I attended was a classical performance. It was on a Wednesday around 4 pm. The event consisted of soloists, group performances and some type of poetry reading. Although I did not really enjoy this performance as much as the Latin jazz performance it was still a good performance. The performers played well together and seemed to catch the attention of most of their audience members. One of the performances had a man reading poetry or something like poetry while his the performers in the back played instruments for his pieces. I did not understand the moral or point of the poetry he was reading but it seemed calm and peaceful.

The performance was about 2 hours long but I only stayed for about an hour of it. It did not catch my attention, it actually made me sleepy. The audience has people who enjoyed it very much as well as people who got up to leave once the performers stopped playing a piece. Some of the different instruments they used were flutes, piano, and the drums. They used more percussion instruments than anything. The performance was well played out and they seemed to get back good feedback from the people who were around me. There were people who were recording their performance on their cell phones, and iPads.

Overall, the performers played well, the only problem was that the type of music they were playing did not catch my attention. The poetry read was really confusing to me because I couldn’t grasp the meaning behind each piece. The solo performances were great. They caught my attention for a little while. Watching solo performances up close is a big difference from watching it on a computer or on TV. I was able to see the different keys they press and the way they hold the instruments.
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