Music Producer Assesment

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Record producer in the old days was someone who took care about the budget and organization of making an album without really interrogation in the creative process. In around mid-1960’s the new wave of producers were in many cases owners of private record labels or studios and they would now mostly do all the production tasks themselves, like attending or even engineering recording and mixing sessions; or even writing the material. It also became popular to include the producer in writing on the album cover for his contribution on the record. As well as making creative decisions, record producer also decides on the recording engineers, mixers and mastering engineers for the session. 1

Eddie Kramer

Born in South Africa he had a great music experience studying in one of the best colleges of music in South Africa. In the age of 19 He has moved to England and he was recording Jazz bands in his home studio. His career started in Advision Sound Studios in 62' and in 63' He has joined PYE Studios which was 2 track studios, soon he was running first PYE four track studio. In 66' he joined Olympic Sound Studios where he recorded many great artists including Traffic, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. He had great collaboration with Jimi engineering every album from “Are You Experienced” to “The Cry of Love”. He worked with Led Zeppelin and many great artists of modern music.2 He’s inspiration was by Bob Auger and Keith Grant. They thought him many great techniques and how to approach recording, for example learning to record orchestras with 3 U47’s: Left, Centre, Right and letting the conductor to take care of balancing. He then implemented those techniques in rock music. He is definitely one of the greatest producers and engineers alive and back in the days his mixing techniques were never heard before. He used to track live, and he worked on the best analog equipment we can imagine, starting from PYE consoles to classic outboard gear. The sound...
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