Music & Moods

Topics: Emotion, Personal life, Feeling Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Can It Really Change Your Mood?
Music is more than just entertainment; it is a way of life to most people, which is why it seems to appeal to so many people. Music is the key to numerous components in one’s life, but on a deeper level, music can play a critical role in letting emotion’s run. It has a way of changing or creating moods for the better or for the worse, whether it is hearing a happy song that brings back fun memories, or hearing a sad song, that brings back those sad memories. Although music has a different appeal to various people, it still has a major impact on the people today. Michelle Lawrence states, “Music affects us whether we know it or not. It is around us all the time. “ When one is driving to work, watching television, or even surfing the Internet, music is there. In other cases, music can be important for an athlete warming up for a big game, a girl trying to get over heartbreak, or preparing for a fun night on the town. Music can be one’s only solace when dealing with a loss of someone close or shared experiences. It can encourage daydreaming, and reminiscing of old memories ("Seven Ways Music Influences Mood). It is a powerful aspect in millions of lives, even though some are not aware of, but most people would agree that without music the world would be quiet and empty. People usually put aside the value of music, but it is an essential pleasure in life. There are plenty ways to include music into one’s everyday lives, such as waking up to a musical alarm, soaking in the bath to relaxing music, and also dining with soft background music ("How Music Affects Your Mood”). It affects people’s moods in several ways without a person even realizing. According to Wright, any type of music can improve one’s mood; however, he also says that different types of music can affect emotions in different ways. So, an music really improve a person’s mood? The answer to this question is yes, which it why music is appealing to so many...
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