Music: Kasabian

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Kasabian is band from Ireland, the advertise above inform all that Kasabian will produce they song from album “Shoot The Runner” on 6TH November 2006. They also nominated as “Band of The Summer”. Kasabian record is under SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

With Digi Easy Prepaid you can call and SMS three buddies for 24hours. That’s why in this advertisement it has four buddies where four of them always stick together without any payment from call and text with each other.

Watch with digital camera, have a fun with 300k Pixels and can take up to 320 pictures. This watch is fashionable which it from the design it is suitable for female and male. This watch not only can take a picture, but it also has calendar display and alarm clock. The picture can be store to computer.

From this advertisement, it is show that they product has durability, from this picture we know this shoes is suitable for extreme activity example hiking. “We are not joggers” in the advertisement show that this shoes has better quality because usually an sports shoes only use for short term because of its quality, so they compare this shoes with the slogan.

Gisela Dulko is from Argentina, she is tennis player. We know that tennis is a hardworking game that we need to run to hit the tennis ball and that’s make us expose to sunlight. So Pantene with Pro-V is suitable for women who

AI Credit Corp has insurance that can keep you secure from any damage and health insurance. This insurance has a long term guarantee to secure your health and your property. This corporation is insurance financing, of course they has advisor for their customer.

Gatorade is an energy drink. This advertisement show whether you just awake from your sleep you still have energy to start your day. The shadow with human with barbell shown that the person still have energy.

Hairdryer is to straighten women hair temporarily. And picture background is shown nature that there is in this hairdryer namely hot and...
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