Music Is Only Meant for Relaxation, Not More. Do You Agree?

Topics: Music, Musical notation, Baroque music Pages: 4 (1553 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Music is not just a medium of entertainment. It is used in several cases for multiple purposes. Though some people limit the use of music within the boundaries of entertainment but it has a huge diversity of uses. Music has been one of the easiest ways of advertisements. A religion and culture can never be separated from music. Doctors have started using music therapy for curing the patients. Yoga, meditations are popular among them. Thus, music has been taken into various purposes in our life. So it cannot be limited just within the rationale of relaxation. Music has always been a part of culture in many parts of the world. Talking about the Hindu religion, music is taken as a necessity in cultural activities as well as in religious purposes. The Bhajans sung by people in temples easily attracts one’s mind. It gives a sort of relaxation but in reality the song expresses the devotion of the people towards god. They invoke moods through their content, musical construction and the atmosphere they create. Nepalese people celebrate Tihar as their second biggest festival. The festival is specially known for musical beats of ‘Deusi’ and ‘Bhailo’. People of all age sing the song, dance on the music beat and celebrate the festival. This shows the value of music in modern cultural world. A popular use of music in these days is Music therapy. It is the use of music as an addition to relaxation therapy, or in psychotherapy to elicit expressions of suppressed emotions by prompting patients to dance, shout, laugh, or cry in response. Music therapists are most frequently called upon to help the mentally or physically disabled. For instance, patients suffering from speech difficulties or autism may be enabled to express themselves more effectively by making musical sounds, and music can help people with physical disabilities to develop better motor control. Another basic attribute of music is to support an advertisements structure and continuity. Music is used...
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