Music Innovation

Topics: Music Production Center, Blindness, Musical notation Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Music Technology and Innovation

Music technology and innovation encompasses a broad and continually evolving range of artistic creation and theory focused on innovative application of new technologies to music. It emphasises electroacoustic music, sonic art, etc. . It refers to technology that allows people to compose music or perform specific tasks that would normally be difficult or impossible to achieve (for example, due to some disability). Music and sound technology is a particularly interesting area to research in this context. It is a method of enabling communication, achievable by individuals or in groups. Most of the most famous musicians that went down in history had little to no musical training, today The National Resource Centre for Blind Musicians and The Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired are dedicated to musical education for the blind. In theory it is possible for blind musicians to compose and edit music notation due to recent technology capable of translating print music into braille, and the use of screen reading technologies with music editing software. Music scanning and recognition software is increasingly accurate, however sighted assistance is necessary to edit the resulting electronic file to ensure it is consistent with the original before translating into braille.

In June 2006 the first Braille Music Camp at the ‘’Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired’’ in Austin, nine blind musicians learned how to use technology to prepare musical pieces. They learned how to enter individual notes by typing on the PC keyboard or playing on an attached musical keyboard, played their notes back to listen for places that needed improvement, and made corrections where necessary. When they were satisfied with the results, they would print their pieces for sighted musicians to read. Individual selections ranged from songs by Brahms to Elvis, along with a few original compositions. (‘’ Braille Music Technology: Opening the...
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