Music in Traditional African Religiona

Topics: Ghana, Africa, Akan people Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Music Deriving From African and Eastern Religions
List A: Music in traditional African religions:
Throughout all my research about traditional African cultures I have come across one aspect, which is common in all religions in Sub-Sahara Africa, that Africans have a religion and believe in Supreme God- the Creator, the all Knowing, the Ever present and all Powerful. They acknowledge the Divine Presence in their daily lives. However each country may have different names and titles for God. Africa contributes to various unique cultures and beliefs that are deeply illustrated in strong extended family traditions. Culture is part of the African indigenous Religion, and the African life is wrapped in religion. The whole community faithfully carries out all rites and rituals connected with rites of passage such as birth, puberty, marriage, death and life after death. The ceremonies bind and form religious values which govern the family and society. In my discussion I will demonstrate the impact of the music and the importance of drumming in ancient African traditions. According to the early missionaries and anthropologists, Africans were without religion and did not know God. Their mission was to convert what they considered were “heathens” and turn the mind to Christians. The Africans had to be rescued and be put on to the western culture. As a result of this the beautiful art forms were regarded as idols, some sacred shrines were demolished and the beautiful art and crafts were burnt to ashes. Ghana's religious life is wonderful in its vibrancy. Religious music serves as a crucial element of worship and praise. In abibindwom music of the Fanti people, it clearly demonstrates the translation of Christian hymns into local languages and has resulted in an entirely new genre that draws on features of both Christian religion and Fanti drumming (expressing the mood of the people in an African community, where coming together in response to the beating of the drum...
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