Music for the Mind Analysis and Response

Topics: Music, Writing, Article Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Music for the Mind
The purpose of this essay was to inform and explain to individuals all of the several ways for people to enjoy music as well as to explicate that the readers should strive for a more active type of listening. It showed the impact music can have on the lives of people. Aaron Copland said that even “One note is enough to change the atmosphere of the room” (599). This essay was written for just about everybody, with hearing of course, because most everyone listens to music. Even for the few that do not listen to music often, this could perhaps persuade them to listen to music . This was presented in a creative essay type format. The different types of music and conclusion of this essay are examples of evidence to support the purpose. Copland mentioned “We all listen to music on three separate planes… (1) the sensuous plane, (2) the expressive plane, (3) the sheerly musical plane” (599). Copland also says that the reader should strive for a more active kind of listening regardless of what type of music you listen to (603). However, the author also mentioned that many people who would normally consider themselves qualified music lovers abuse the first plane when listening. This author effectively uses these appeals very effectively with logic. This author used a more objective type of language in his essay. The evidence in this essay supports the claims through practices people experience while listening, writing, or performing music. The evidence covers the perspectives associated with the 3 planes, but nothing else. I felt this article was very well written. I enjoyed the essay, as I was engaged during it. Anyone who listens or performs music can very easily relate to this essay and become engaged into it. The organization of this essay also helps people to be absorbed by this essay. The language throughout this article is not too formal, but not terribly informal. It was the perfect median in which you could read through and easily relate...

Cited: Copland, Aaron. The Norton Reader. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2012. Print.
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