Music Ethnography

Topics: Travis Barker, Drum kit, Percussion instrument Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Passionate Musician With A Humble Beginning

A music background can come from any one individual or a group of individuals with the desire to create music. Dominic Facciponte a native of Syracuse, New York and a good friend of mine, who currently attends Hobart College as a Biology major and also plays lacrosse, is a talented drummer who was apart of a high school band. Although his life path and career path he chose is not in the Music Industry or involved with music, Dominic still has a deep passion for the drums.

Dominic started playing percussion drums at the age of 7 years old. His musical excursion began in third grade when in elementary school, all students were required to play an instrument and be apart of the elementary school orchestra. Dominic decided to pick up drumming after having an infatuation and admiration for the popular and well-known drummer Travis Barker who was involved in the famous band “Blink 182.” Dominic loved Blink 182’s music and at the same time loved Travis Barker even more. Barker became Dominic’s idol in a drumming perspective. In the early parts of Dominic’s drumming career, whenever Dominic played the drums he said “I pretended I was Travis and would nod my head and bang on the drums with an evolved passion. It helped me get better, and helped me feel the rhythm I was playing better.”

Dominic as a young drummer in his third grade orchestra decided he loved the drums enough to ask his parents to take lessons outside of school with a local musician Mike Waite. Waite owned a local musical supplies store in Syracuse and was a well known musician in the area who could play the drums, guitar, and saxophone. Dominic met twice a week, Monday and Thursday nights with Mike. He met with Mike consecutively for the next 2 years ( excluding summer ) and progressed greatly in his talent of playing the drums. As Dominic got older and better at drumming he decided his schedule could not fit a teacher anymore and began playing on his own...
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