Music Appreciation

Topics: Orchestra, Music, Viola Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Chiamaka Udokoro
Mr. Coates
Music Appreciation
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Concert

The performance of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Ebenezer Baptist Church was amazing. The performance taught me that there is a difference between listening to an orchestra play on TV versus watching them life. the life experiencing will always stick to your memory because you were actually there to experience the feeling. I really enjoyed it. The show made me enjoy and appreciate classical music. It was en experiencing I will never forget. from the seating arrangements to knowing the appropriate time to clap. it was awesome. The four piece program was conducted by Thomas Wilkins. Violist Drew Forde and violinist Gareth Johnson were among the spotlights in the program. The venue was a great place to perform at because the sound was so mellow and you could clearly hear everything that was played. The timing of the event was at night which was great too because the types of music the band played were the kinds you would most likely hear or listen to at night time except for one.

The first piece that was played was Negro Folk Symphony by William Dawson. The piece started out conjunct and smooth. A solo part was played by the woodwinds, and were accompanied by the strings. The pace was andante but had a piano sound to it. After a brief moment, the strings changes the mood and kicks it to a forte and crescendos to a sudden pause. A solo part is now played by oboes and are accompanied with strings playing in an allegro form. This makes the music interesting. The flutes support the harmony with the oboes which brought in the whole orchestra to a vivace tempo. percussions can be heard at this point because they are playing at a fortissimo volume. The orchestra now is playing at forte exception of the percussions. Towards the end, the music starts going to adagio and gradually goes to diminuendo to end the piece. I enjoyed it as a opener because it kept me interested and...
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