Music and Politics Paper

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Sam Gutzmer
Jon Shallit

Eminem and Politics

A famous artist can have an influence over entire nations through the lyrics of his or her music. Marshal Mathers, aka “Eminem”, has done just that. He uses his rap lyrics and music videos as a pulpit to express an entire generation's anger at society and government. Eminem is one of the most controversial rappers to ever enter mainstream music, with songs about abusing females, killing, and doing large amounts of drugs. What many fail to realize is that Eminem is not promoting any of these. Instead, he is expressing an angry generation's innermost thoughts, feelings, and psychological issues in such a way that the mainstream media and government cannot ignore them. Some say that Eminem does nothing but influence teens towards drug use and violence. However, unlike most rappers, he does not glorify the lifestyle he has lead. In fact, his lyrics are dark and angry, not in any way appealing. Eminem's lyrics are simply the culmination of an angry generation speaking out for recognition. Years after his initial success in mainstream rap, he has spawned an entire generation of rappers that have been largely influenced by his style of music. In 2004 Eminem released a single called “Mosh” that had a different cause and effect than his previous songs. “Mosh” targeted voters of all ethnicities and encouraged them to be active in the 2004 election. Eminem had very clear messages about his political opinions through out his lyrics, stories, and the color settings for the video. The lyrics to this song had strong language and struck a cord in the beliefs of many Americans. Eminem expressed strong feelings on President Bush’s decisions. He showed his rejection of Bush by using the following lyrics in his song: “F@#K Bush, until they bring our troops home,” “No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil,” “The stars and stripes, they’ve been swiped, washed out and wiped and replaced with...

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