Music and Mood

Topics: Rhythm, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Music, Classical music, Emotion, Musical notation / Pages: 7 (1629 words) / Published: Nov 10th, 2006
Music has the unique ability to affect the listeners' mood. When an athlete is pumping himself up for a game, a mathematician is trying to solve an equation, what does he do? He listens to music. When a man is romancing a woman, or a heartbroken girl is trying to calm herself after a breakup, music is used to set the tone. A director can convey a defined emotion in a scene with the right score. The music in a mass helps people stay reverent and focused. In all these cases, music plays a critical role in defining the listeners' mood and piece of mind. There is rhythm to all things on earth. The heartbeat of a person contains a constant beat; it may speed up or slow down, depending on the mood of the person. If the person is in flight their heart beats faster. If the person is calm and relaxed, their heart will beat slower. A city has a faster rhythm, with louder sounds, because a city is fast paced and noisy. A rural town has slower rhythm because of the slow paced lifestyle. The sun, the earth's metronome, has an elliptic rhythm. Music has such a strong ability to affect mood because it contains beats and rhythms, just like life and everything in it. Music is just the tangible auditory depiction of the rhythms of life. The time is six o'clock at night. It is two hours before game time. The star of a hockey team is taping his stick and is focused on the task at hand, getting ready to crush his opponents and tear up the ice. This hockey player has his headphones bumping to his favorite pump up song, "Du Hast" by Rammstein. He is listening to this song because it puts him in a mood of anger and instills the desire to induce pain. "Du Hast" has a strong bass drum, gothic voice, harsh guitar sounds, and up-tempo drums. The hockey player is trying to achieve a level of anger so he can play through as much pain as possible and take the ice instilling terror. The loud music and harsh tones set the scene for the player to achieve his desired mood. The

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