Music and Middle Ages

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Natasha Leon
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1.    Sound- begins with the vibration of an object, such as a table that is pounded or a string that is plucked or bowed. 2.    Music- is part of this world of sound, an art based on the organization of sounds in time. 3.    Pitch- is the relative highness or lowness that we hear in a sound.  4.    Interval- "Distance" in pitch between any two tones. 5.    How are vibration and pitch related? - The faster the vibrations, the higher the pitch; the slower the vibrations, the lower the pitch. Vibration frequency is measured in cycles per second. On a piano the highest-frequency tone is 4,186 cycles per second, and the lowest is about 27 cycles per second. 6.    Tone, chord- tone: Sound that has a definite pitch, or frequency. Chord: Combination of three or more tones sounded at once. 7.    Interval- "Distance" in pitch between any two tones.- 8.    Octave- Interval between two tones in which the higher tone has twice the frequency of the lower tone.  9.   Pitch range- Distance between the highest and lowest tones that a given voice or instrument can produce. 10.    Dynamics- Degrees of loudness or softness in music.  11.    Some Italian words indicating dynamics—i.e. piano (p) =soft; forte (f) = loud; fortissimo (ff) =very loud know these- dynamic terms 12.    Define Timbre , and  what do composers use to change it?- to see tone color, Tone color is described by words like bright, dark, brilliant, mellow, and rich. 13.    What is a listening outline, and how is it used?-each item describes some musical sound. It may point out the dynamic of the interments 14.    What are the two forms of performing media?-voices and interments 15.    Name the categories of musical instruments and give some examples in each—i.e. woodwinds (flute) ... give names of other categories and examples of instruments. - string (guitar and violin) woodwind (flute, clarinet) Brass (trumpet and trombone)...
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