Music and Influence

Topics: Rapping, Eminem, Hip hop music Pages: 3 (1245 words) Published: April 3, 2006
Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It is something every age group can enjoy. Music is very influential to teenagers in our new millennium, yet many of the new and most popular forms of music advocate violence degrade women, others even promote sadism. With teen's new need for music poses the question of how does popular music affect their well-beings. Columbine is the most popular example of when a negative message in music can backfire and innocent lives were lost. Popular music is very powerful because of the notoriety of the artist and how he or she is seen as a role model, can a negative message in music play as entertainment or does music diminish their conscience and cause them to involve themselves on senseless acts of violence and debauchery.

Even in children music poses as a building block in their mental development, as they reach adolescents it begins to form media exposure and identities. Although most of popular music is considered violent and sexual it is till a major part of teenage development. Demo (1981) connects teenagers expose to popular music as an outlet to the media. While listening to music is also a major part of the way they live. Teens listen to music while, doing homework, driving, and even as substitute for television. The Press today sees music lyrics as ways of provoking people into doing things they aren't supposed to. Hip hop or rap music is the most popular music to the urban and black youth in our present time. Rappers serve as role models who were in the same position as the audience they are speaking to; teens in ghettos around America see them as examples of how you can make it positive and become wealthy. However, Rap can be very explicit music with fowl language, murder and objectifying women. One example is in the lyrics of the song "The Heat" by Lil' Wayne "Dressed in all black and my gun the same color ,Murder my enemy love thy brotha, and I ain't never gave a sh*t...
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