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Music and Influence

By kimmie63 Oct 07, 2008 326 Words
Music and Influence

The introduction of Rap Music into the 21st Century has become influential in a global society for the following reasons: The way women are portrayed in rap videos, drug use "glorified" by rappers and the Bling-Bling era.

Rap music can be heard playing in all countries. Over time, rap music has developed a lot of controversy in many ways. i.e. How women are degraded in the lyrics and how drugs and Diamonds or “Bling-Bling” plays a large part in how rappers are portrayed.

The way women are portrayed in rap videos is especially degrading. They make them up to look like “prostitutes” and “gold diggers”. Rappers portray themselves as having a lot of money and being able to have any women that they want. Women in rap videos are shown “barely clothed” i.e. thongs, short-shorts, bras, etc…

Drugs use is glorified by rappers when they talk about it in their lyrics as if it is okay. Snoop Dogg, a well known rapper, constantly talks about smoking marijuana or “weed” in almost all of his music. Some rappers lyrics lead teens to believe that drug use is okay. You can consistently hear in our news reports today of rappers being caught with drugs i.e. marijuana and cocaine and being incarcerated.

Rappers are notorious for their Diamond Grills, diamond necklaces and flashy clothes. They also spend millions on their cars and wheels. “Bling-Bling” originated from the song “Bling Bling” which was created by the New Orleans Rapper B.G. on his 1998 album, Chopper City, which basically talked about how they lived their flashy lives as hip hop artist.

Overall, rap music influences the way we talk, the way we dress, they way we look and the type of jewelry we purchase. It negatively portrays our women as prostitutes and has a terrible influence on our young teens. It also promotes drug use among our young people.

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