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Film Soundtrack Analysis
A motion picture would not appeal to its viewers without the orchestrated sounds within the background that intently helps draw out the emotions from the audience from watching the movie. Many great movie soundtracks can be overshadowed by the performance of a great actor or even just the motion picture itself. Hardly anyone misses out on giving credit to a great movie or performer but many people do not realize that a great movie and performer is nothing without the soundtracks behind their performances. The reason why the soundtracks to great movies are so important to the film is because the music that is played within the movie has the ability to affect the movie in many ways. For example, the sound of an instrument can emphasize a certain emotion a character is feeling within a specific scene as it is played in the background. In 1998, John Williams orchestrated a soundtrack for the well-known film; “Saving Private Ryan” that showcased his masterpiece, “Hymn to the Fallen” within the background of a heartfelt scene of a veteran solider visiting his old friends at a cemetery. The musical style in “Hymn to the Fallen” is specified to the particular time of the WWII era which essentially puts an emphasis on the sad emotions caused by the tragic number of fallen soldiers of that era. In 1997, James Horner also constructed the masterpiece, “Rose” showcased in the great love film, “Titanic.” This specific track also functions in the background and carries a musical style set to a historical era within the early 1900’s, but as opposed to “Hymn to the Fallen” that relates to war, “Rose” is showcased within a romantic scene that helps the audience feel the emotion of love. The great sound tracks for both movies are responsible for helping the success of each film as they both help generate emotions in each scene. In William’s “Hymn to the Fallen,” sounds of the violin and orchestra possess a depressing and sad tone which matches...
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