Topics: Customer service, Sales, Customer Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Nischay Kumar
MGMT 301 Sec 003
Dr. Sherron Sparks
“Be the Manager” Essay 1

As the new manager of a major clothing store that is currently facing a crisis, it is my job to answer, resolve, and communicate with my fellow managers and employees. I have analyzed what has happened to the task environment of this store; low sales and poor customer service. With sales dropping to a mere 30% due to competition and supply, I have devised a program that will help the managers, employees, and most importantly the store.

Surveyed customers said that our store wasn’t keeping up with changing fashion as well as new trends. To better construe this issue I have set training sessions for our purchasing managers giving them an insight on what to look for when contacting suppliers and to be less risk averse. These sessions and classes will help our PM’s get familiar with current fashion trends and how to keep up with this fast pace economy. We have been in contact with the same suppliers for quite a while which has probably become why this store’s inventory is being viewed by customers as not in style. To help resolve this problem, I have split the purchasing managers into two categories. Half of the PM’s will focus mainly on keeping all clothing, accessories, etc up to date. The other half will be set to find and be more progressive when selecting new suppliers. By doing so, I wish to see improvement in sales and positive customer feedback.

Furthermore, there has been an issue with the stores customer service and many customers have responded saying that there should be a new form and changes should occur. To assist this matter, I have set up biweekly meetings discussing current issues and ways on how to respond to any questions, problems, and complaints when in contact with a customer. For instance, if someone walks into the store and asks to help them find something, don't just say, "It's in this department.” It has been said by my training staff to the...
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