Topics: Carlos Santana, Salsa music, Ballroom dance Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Unit Tests

There will be three parts to each exam.

1) A multiple-choice area based on listening examples that will be played more than once during the exam;

2) A multiple-choice
section that is essentially a converted matching section where you will need to match up terms with their definitions;

3) Another multiple-choice area, in this case not based on
actual listening examples.

A very large percentage of the exam’s questions can be found at the website that goes with our textbook: under the individual chapter’s “multiple choice exams” and “listening exams” that should serve as extremely good practice for the actual tests.

The "timeline" in the Fontomfrom ensemble is played by the IRON BELL Which of the following is NOT an "Africanism" found in Africa, musics.. "PURE" TIMBRES Praise singers in Mande culture are called GRIOT

Angelique Kidjo is notable for singing the majority of her songs in FON The first kora master to bring international attention to the instrument was SIDIKI DIABATE One of the four principal modes in kora playing is called SAUTA Which of the following musicians in NOT a jeli or griot.. Angelique Kidjo

The song "Oye Como Va" has its roots in.... CUBA, PUERTO RICO, USA (allof the above) Which of the following in NOT associated with carnival traditions in Latin America... TROPICALIA The jazz-influenced guitar style of transforming Brazilian samba rhythms is called... BATIDA Brazilian Tropicalia musicians of the late 1960s EMBRACED FOREIGN POPULAR MUSICAL INFLUENCES Astor Piazzolla became famous for DEVELOPING A NEW STYLE OF TANGO MUSIC Performing julajula panpipe msuic FEATURES INDIVIDUAL MUSICIANS PLAYING ONLY HALF THE PITCHES USED & REFLECTS IDEALS OF SOCIAL INTERDEPENDENCE The popular style of Andean folkloric music DEVELOPED IN BUENO AIRES AND PARIS

Mariachi music ALL OF THE ABOVE (has become a symbol of mexican identity, readily appropriates a wide variety of...
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