Topics: Classical music, Suicide, Rapping Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 28, 2013
We are surrounded by music everyday. No matter where we go, whether in the grocery, the mall or even school, there is music constantly playing. Music is an important and extremely useful tool which in a way that we can learn and to deny its power is a waste of a truly wonderful resource. Music is a human activity which involves structured, audible, sounds and also used for artistic, entertainment or ceremonial purpose. Music is a driving force in society, it has been present since the dawn of man. Most of the people spend several hours a day to listening to music. Music definitely have a great effect on how humans think and act. Music also will bring some kind of emotional to a person. Classical music also put a listeners in a calm and relaxed mood and also some people will use it to fall asleep when they are in insomnia. Classical song can help to feel more positive and optimistic. For example, Kenny G song is consider a classical song which is just music but no lyrics in it, which can relax people mind and release their stress. Music can decreased the amount of the cortisol and also a stress-related hormone produced by the body in response to stress. Music is the easiest and most enjoyable, way to alleviate a stressful day. In today’s society, parents blame on the music for the way kids act, this is because they blame that the gang violence, murders and suicides which that the parents believe that the music kids listen to changes their perspective about life. Parents also blame that, nowadays those artist who singing rap music which always contain a lot of vulgar, melancholy and also morbid music. Rap music has some kind of hypnotic which control over young children. Somehow young children might believe that the things which the rapper sing out are good since that the rapper are famous, which that everyone also know about them. Along with that, kids also start judging each other by music which that they listen to, they will stereotype each other into certain...
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