Mushroom Unit

Topics: Agriculture, The Unit, Mushroom Pages: 4 (923 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Place : mushroom unit ,UPM
Date : 7th October 2011
Time: 9am – 10 am
Demonstrator : Mr Hasnul Hadi Bin Hussain

Planting of mushroom is one of a venture that can conduct by the farmer in Malaysia. There are several factors that make mushroom plantation being more popular among Malaysian farmer. The factors are they can get highly income in a short period, next the operation cost is too cheap and the mushroom marketing is very wide, that is around the globe. In late 80’s UPM has opened a mushroom unit that located near the fertigation unit. The purpose of the unit is to make research and development in mushroom, among student can be carried out easily. Practical

In 7th October 2011, 44 students from Foundation of Agriculture Science UPM, had visited the mushroom unit, to carry out their practical. The objective of the trip is to learn more about mushroom, from the processing to the marketing. The practical began at the 3pm after the Friday’s prayer. We have been welcomed by the Mr. Hasnul Hadi Bin Hussain, the assistance agriculture officer at mushroom unit. There, Mr.Hasnul had briefed deeply about types of mushroom, cultivation technical, research and development, operation cost and lastly the mushroom’s disease. From the briefing we the students get a lot of very important new information about mushroom. Around the world there are about 2000 types of mushroom, in Malaysia there only have 7 types of mushroom that are Tiram Kelabu, Tiram Putih, Abalon, Shitake, Telinga Kera, Jerami Padi and lastly Butang. But at the UPM ‘s mushroom unit there only plant the most popular mushroom in Malaysia that is Tiram Kelabu mushroom. From the visit also gained the information about the way of the mushroom’s processing and cultivation technical. Mushroom’s cultivation technique can be separated in 5 important branches that are preparation of ingredient, packaging, vaporization, seed injection, and lastly...
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