Museums in England

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Museums in England

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Tate Modern3
The British Museum3
The Victoria and Albert Museum3
The Science Museum3
The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery4
World Museum4
Design Museum4
The National Portrait Gallery4
The Wallace Collection4
Madame Tussauds5
Imperial War Museum5

A museum is an institution that houses and cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary.[1]

A visitor to London could spend several trips –or lifetimes — just visiting the city’s museums. Some of the most famous museums in London are The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Modern Museum and The Science Museum.

Tate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London, England. It is Britain's national gallery of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group. It is the most-visited modern art gallery in the world, with around 4.7 million visitors per year. The collections in Tate Modern consist of works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 until today[2]. You can find works by every famous artist of the last two centuries: Salvador Dalí, Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon and Mark Rothko, for example. Not to mention works by Georges Braque, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture in London. Its collections, which number more than seven million objects, are amongst the largest and most comprehensive in the world and originate from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present. The British Museum was established in 1753, largely based on the collections of the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. [3] The Victoria and Albert Museum (often abbreviated as the V&A), set in the London, is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. Named after Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, it was founded in 1852. Its collection spans 5,000 years of art, from ancient times to the present day, in virtually every medium, from the cultures of Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. The holdings of ceramics, glass, textiles, costumes, silver, ironwork, jewellery, furniture, medieval objects, sculpture, prints and printmaking, drawings and photographs are among the largest and most comprehensive in the world. [4] The Science Museum is a major London tourist attraction. A museum was founded in 1857. Now it holds a collection of over 300,000 items, including such famous items as Stephenson's Rocket, Puffing Billy (the oldest surviving steam locomotive), the first jet engine, a reconstruction of Francis Crick and James Watson's model of DNA, some of the earliest remaining steam engines, a working example of Charles Babbage's Difference engine, the first prototype of the 10,000-year Clock of the Long Now, and documentation of the first typewriter. It also contains hundreds of interactive exhibits. A recent addition is the IMAX 3D Cinema showing science and nature documentaries, some of them in 3-D, and the Wellcome Wing which focuses on digital technology.[5]

The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is a large museum and art gallery in Bristol, England. The museum includes sections on natural history, local, national and international archaeology, and local industry. The art gallery contains works from all periods, including many by internationally famous artists, as well a collection of modern paintings of Bristol. In the summer of 2009 the museum hosted an exhibition by Banksy, featuring more than 70 works of...
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