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Topics: Atlantic slave trade, African people, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: November 1, 2008
"One is born, One dies, The land increases" (Galla). When you first enter the hall this is the quotation written on the ceiling and it can be viewed and interpreted in many ways. One is born and dies in the same land or one is born and there is no hope or opportunity. The implication that one is born signifies birth and the welcoming of one into the world. When one is born they are added to the world and population is increased. When one dies it implies that life is over and one is taken off the earth and removed permanently. The fact that they are written right after each other can symbolize a balance or dualism because with life comes death, they go hand in hand and there is a balance. As one is born there is no loss or gain because one dies. Despite the fact that a life can be changed by life or death the land will always continue to increase and grow because before us land was here.

This quote can also be understood to explain the slave trade. The Africans were not respected nor cherished only the land was. People were born, people died, but nothing was affected because only the European land was valued. The land increased as they were born because they were shipped off as slaves and if they died they were easily replenished. If you were born as a slave you died as one, there was no hope because you belonged to someone else.

I chose to observe the African Peoples hall in the Museum of Natural history. Knowledge is infinite so although it is my culture I can always learn new information. I am fascinated with my culture because although we were suppressed we still overcame. It is amazing to know that we were once not even included in the Constitution or allowed to vote and now we have Barrack Obama who is of African descent running for president. I used this museum trip not only as a means for getting information for this report but as a way to connect the past with the present. The museum was very successful at displaying the culture...
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