Museum Paper

Topics: Red-figure pottery, Oltos, Dinos Painter Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Museum Paper

I went to the Cantor Center for Visual Arts on Stanford Campus on 2/28/13. I saw a lot of sculptures and vases there. They are very beautiful and interested. The most interested one I think was Kleophon Painter, “Volute Krater”, ca. 430 BCE, Greece, red-figure terra cotta vase, size 26’ ¾” * 19’ *19’. Hazel D. Hansen Fund, 12, 1972 Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. This vase is located in the Iris & B Gerald Cantor Center from the classical period between 479-323 BCE in Greece. The Kleophon Painter is an anonymous Athenian vase painter in red figure style. The name he is named because of a youth named “Kleophon”. He is also good at Achilles Painter; a number of “black figure” works in the mid-to-late 5th century BCE. The themes of his vases are mostly stick to specific genres. People found “104 domestic style vases, 43 vases about mythology, and 24 paintings about warriors”. (“Kleophon Painter”, from Wikipedia, background, And now people can find his vases all over the world. Most of his vases are bigger vases, only a few ones in smaller size. And most of his vases are Kraters. Those Kraters are classified as “manner of Kleophon P” or “compares to Kleophon P”. The one that is similar to Kleophon Painter is Dinos Painter. Most of his vases were discovered in or around the city-state of Athens. There are “22 Kleophon Painter’s vases are still in Athens at Agora Museum or the Athens National Museum”. (From Wikapedia, Kleophon Painter, background, The characteristic of Kleophon Painter’s vase is using a rounded off triangle shape for the eyes and the chin is rounded off, too. The characters he shows are always people in the home. The painter use mythology as a subject to show the emotions and actions. The themes of Dionysus and Hephaistos are very common in the Kleophon Painter’s works. The painting of this vase is black from the top of the neck...
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