Museum of Contemporary Photography

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My experience at the Museum of Contemporary Photography was great. The museum consisted of three different levels that were available for viewing. The first level had a receptionist area to the left as you first walk in. They want you to check your things in if you have items with you so that you don’t destroy any of the art. The lighting was pretty favorable for viewing the photographs. The one thing that stood out was that the photographs varied in sizes. They had a few photos that were smaller, and then they had others that really stood out in size. The first floor has this huge open floor plan, which is great. I liked the wood floors that they had throughout the museum. Continuing on the first floor, you can walk through one of two doorways to get to another gallery area. This is pretty much it for the first floor.

In order to get to the second floor, you have to go up the steps. When you get up the stairs, you will see that there are more images along the walls. This space is much smaller than the first floor. There is like a desk area where you can look at articles and even special images that get pulled by the employees. They also had reference books available on the table. Other than the few images that they had posted on this level and the table, there was really nothing too interesting. Now the third floor was great.

I really enjoyed walking up to the third floor. It was pretty dark walking up the stairs, but they have a projection of an image that looks like a galaxy lighting the area. It was a very different mood passing by than when I was on the other floors. I did say that I was not going to talk about the imagery in this paper, but I just have to talk about the intriguing photo that you see when you walk through the entrance after you get to the top of the stairs on the third floor. There is a picture by Jason Lazarus. It is AMAZING! First of all the picture is huge. The background is totally white without detail and the man in the picture is...
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