Museum as framing device

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Museum as Framing Devices
A museum is an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study and display of objects of lasting interest or value1. Museums are not used for making profit or for economic purpose. They are intended to attract visitors, to admire and to educate people with important pieces of humanity’s history. They contain permanent or temporary exhibitions of art all of around the world. However, museums “frame” or shapes our understanding of the works of art they exhibit. A long period is used to design and organize the way that the collection is going to be exhibit. The curatorial staff is in charge of how objects are displayed, how objects are labeled and described, how they are illuminated and in what parts of the museum are located. All these factors help contextualized the objects in different ways. In this essay I compare the way two different collections from two different museums are displayed and framed. There is no correct way when visiting a museum, whether you enter from the last room, your instincts are your basic guide when you tour a museum. However, museums can alter your instincts and draw their attention to specific and important works of arts. Your attention is drawn to that particular object with certain characteristics, in a room with unique design and illumination of a specific theme or topic. It is of extreme importance that a museum exhibition is well displayed in order to maintain the visitor attracted at all times to the objects viewed. The Denver Art Museum contains a number of collections from art all around the world. One that caught most my attention was the Modern and Contemporary Art collection. It includes a large number of pieces of 20th century works from a variety of different artist. As soon you enter this collection, you can see at the far back of the room an incredible sculpture called “Quantum Cloud” made by Antony Gormley. This amazing sculpture is made of stainless steel and has the figure of a...
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