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Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Ancient Egypt, Art Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 7, 2014

April 2, 2014
Art Appreciation IP UNIT2

Part 1: My first Ancient Art piece I choose from the New York Museum was the Head of a roaring lion from the Neo-Assyrian period. My second piece of Art was chosen from Washington, DC Museum. I chose the Head of a pharaoh from the Ancient Egyptian Art. Part 2: While comparing and contrasting between the two Arts I noticed that they both where created With strength in mind as the subject and content matter but it was hard not to notice the different materials used within the two sculptures while the Head of the roaring lion was created with ivory carvings the Head of a pharaoh was created with stone and copper. While they both are representational and 3-demensional head figures of art they both contain different meanings. (The Mteropolitan Museum Of Art- Head of a roaring lion) For example take the head of the roaring lion represents the strength of the Assyrian culture where as the head of the pharaoh is more of a symbolic figure as a ruler over southern Egypt. Back then such statues where placed on tombs for eternal images of the deceased.(Antient Egyptian Art Collection Highlights) I believe that the subject matter of both art forms is a little similar while they represent the artist message of strength, leadership, hierarchy, respect and most of all discipline. The head of the pharaoh is black and copper looking but made in a cone shape that’s very smooth but yet also curvy and polished while the roaring lion on the other hand looks grey, rough and edgy and broken in several places. Part 3: (The Mteropolitan Museum Of Art- Head of a roaring lion)the head of the roaring lion was during 9th-8TH B.C. and the head of the pharaoh 2675-2130 B.C.E. (Antient Egyptian Art Collection Highlights). To me the artists of both pieces are trying to show us (the art viewers) that important reputation that these to sculpture had in society during those time frames. For example in today’s society the Lion is still considered to be a...
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