Muscle Tissue

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 Muscle tissue
Muscle tissue has a ability to relax and contrast and so bring about movement and mechanical work in various parts of the body. There are other movements in the body too which are necessary for the survival of the organism such as the heart beat and the movements of the alimentary canal. Muscles can be divided into three main groups according to their structure * Smooth muscle tissue.

* Skeletal muscle tissue.
* Cardiac (heart) muscle tissue.
Types of Muscle Tissue
Cardiac (Heart) Muscle Tissue
is so named because it is found in the heart. Cells are joined to one another by intercalated discs which allow the synchronization of the heart beat. Cardiac muscle is branched, striated muscle. Functions of Cardiac (Heart) Muscle Tissue

* Cardiac muscle tissue plays the most important role in the contraction of the atria and ventricles of the heart. * It causes the rhythmical beating of the heart, circulating the blood and its contents throughout the body as a consequence.

Skeletal Muscle Tissue
which is attached to bones by tendons, is associated with the body's voluntary movements. Skeletal muscle is striated muscle. Unlike cardiac muscle, the cells are not branched. Functions of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

* Skeletal muscles function in pairs to bring about the co-ordinated movements of the limbs, trunk, jaws, eyeballs, etc. * Skeletal muscles are directly involved in the breathing process.

Smooth Muscle Tissue
is found in various parts of the body such as the arteries, the bladder, the digestive tract, as well as in many other organs. called smooth muscle because it doesn't have cross striations. It contracts slower than skeletal muscle, but the contraction can be sustained over a longer period of time. Functions of Smooth Muscle Tissue

* Smooth muscle controls slow, involuntary movements such as the contraction of the smooth...
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