Muscle Strength

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HO for Orthopedic - Muscular
1)The muscle that runs on a diagonal from the lower ribs to the iliac crest is the: A)rectus femoris muscle.
B)external abdominal oblique muscle.
C)latissimus dorsi muscle.
D)rectus abdominis muscle.

2)The patient with cerebral palsy was described as having ataxia. This means that the patient: A)has slow skeletal muscle movements of his upper extremities. B)has slow, purposeless writhing of his hands.

C)walks with an uncoordinated gait.
D)has muscle jerking and spasms when he attempts movement.

3)The patient was in a coma for a long time in a nursing home. He eventually developed ____________ or abnormal, fixed positions in which his muscles were permanently flexed. A)contractures B) conductions

C)contusions D) constrictions

4)Torticollis is a condition that occurs in the muscles of the: A)hand. B) shoulder. C) neck. D) back.

5)A rhabdomyosarcoma is a malignancy of ____________ tissue. A)tendon B) involuntary muscle
C)striated muscle D) fascicle muscle

6)The large muscle of the buttocks that one sits on is the:
A)gastrocnemius. B) gluteus maximus.
C)rectus femoris. D) peroneal longus.

7)A physiatrist is a ____________ who gains further specialized training that encompasses treatment for sports injuries. A)physician B) chiropractor
C)physical therapist D) massage therapist

8)A podiatrist would treat an injury of which muscle?
A)flexor hallucis brevis B) deltoiod
C)temporalis D) brachioradialis

9)When a muscle tears away from a tendon or a tendon tears away from a bone it is known as: A)contracture. B) avulsion. C) spasm. D) contusion.

10)Myoclonus is characterized by muscle:
A)jerking. B) contractures.
C)inflammation. D) wasting.

11)Inflammation of a cordlike band of connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone is known as: A)fascitis. B) bursitis. C) tendonitis. D) myositis.

12)Acetylcholine receptor antibodies are found in patients with: A)muscle contractures. B) fibromyalgia.
C)myasthenia gravis. D) muscular dystrophy.

13)Which is an incision into the thin connective tissue sheet that wraps around each individual muscle or a group of muscles? A)bursotomy B) fasciotomy C) myotomy D) tenotomy

14)Moving a body part away from the midline is known as:
A)abduction. B) flexion. C) adduction. D) eversion.

15)A disorder of the hand that creates a flexion deformity of the fingers is called: A)Dupuytren's contracture. B) pronation.
C)repetitive strain disorder. D) a ganglion.

16)An athletic injury with pain and inflammation of the flexor muscles over the anterior tibia would be found in the: A)elbow. B) lower leg. C) neck. D) wrist.

17)Trigger points, areas on a patient's body that are tender to touch and feel firm, are indicative of which condition? A)rhabdomyoma B) muscular dystrophy
C)fibromyalgia D) restless leg syndrome

18)Abnormally slow skeletal muscle movements associated with Parkinson's disease are known as: A)hyperkinesias. B) bradykinesia.
C)ataxia. D) dyskinesia.

19)A rotator cuff tear occurs at the:
A)knee. B) shoulder. C) wrist. D) hip.

20)An EMG is a:
A)diagnostic procedure used to diagnose nerve damage or muscle disease. B)series of rehabilitation exercises following a musculoskeletal injury. C)test that measures motor muscle strength.
D)laboratory test of enzymes that, when elevated, point to muscle damage.

21)Surgical removal of the ____________ gland is sometimes done to alleviate the symptoms of myasthenia gravis. A)pituitary B) thymus C) thyroid D) adrenal

22)A contusion due to a blunt injury to a muscle causes a condition commonly known as: A)whiplash. B) shin splint. C) bruise. D) strain.

23)Which is the characteristic symptom of myasthenia gravis? A)abnormal fatigue involving skeletal muscles
B)sudden, temporary muscle spasms
C)gradual paralysis
D)widespread stiffness and internal pain over certain muscles

24)Which one is not one of...
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