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Donald Murray states various different writing tips in his piece “What-and How-to Write When You Have No Time to Write,” but for me, not all of them seem very realistic. The two tips I would use primarily are breaking long writing projects up into brief daily tasks, and to know tomorrow’s task today. These two tips come hand in hand with me, because one of my problems is procrastinating until the last minute, but whenever I have broken projects up, they get finished a lot more efficiently, and I usually get better grades on them. Knowing tomorrow’s task would also benefit me, because sometimes when I do break my projects up, I have trouble working on them the next time, because I lose my train of thought and I forget some things. Planning ahead and knowing what I am going to write about the next day or the next time I decide to write would help me a lot. The one tip that I would not use would be keeping score. The idea of counting words or counting pages is pointless to me, the way I look at it is that if you need to write more to get your point across, then write more. The piece will be finished when it’s finished.
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