Topics: Murder, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny Pages: 1 (490 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Daniel Salas
Ms. Cowley
AP English Literature & Composition
June 9, 2014
Children or Adults
It is rarely heard of a child murdering a person, but when it happens how should that child be punished? When a child murders a person, people think that the child should be tried as an adult because the child had a sense of what it was doing. Then there are others who believe that the child should be tried as an adult because they have not fully developed and are not completely aware of what they have done. Children should not be tried as adults because they cannot completely comprehend what and why they murdered someone. Children do not have any power, for instance, to vote. Children are not treated like adults in society, not even teens are treated as adults. So why is it that in the court they are treated as an adult when the children might have not had any idea what it was doing. Treating a child like an adult is wrong, for instance, in society, a child wouldn’t vote because they don’t know much and would make poor decisions. It is the same with murder; they don’t know much and are making a poor decision. Children and teens are also into video games which may influence their way of thinking and think it might be fun to do in real life. Children may not understand reality from make believe, for instance, they believe that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny exist which we all know that they don’t. Kids should be treated as kids and not be tried as adult because in society they are kids and nothing more. For instance, in the article, “kid are kids- Until they commit crimes”, by Marjie Lundstrom, she points out that if you want to treat children as adults, might as well lower the voting age to fourteen (L. 9). Lowering the voting age would be ridiculous so why put a child in an adult’s situation? The article also says that a 12 year old boy murdered a 6 year old girl because the boy was imitating a wrestler (P. 11). Television brings a big part in this case...
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