Murderball: Disability and Paralyzed People

Topics: Disability Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: February 23, 2007
The movie Murderball shows how people with disabilities are looked upon differently

then others who are not disabled. One way that may help disabiled people realize that they are

the same, would be to get involved with people like themselves. The sport murderball bring

people of the same norm together, to share a common interest that they are all able to participate

in. Murderball gives paralyzed people the chance to experience and to be involved in an athletic

environment. Although, it would be true to say that within this subculture, there is a subculture.

Not all people who are disabled approve of or play this sport. Many think it is too dangerous for

their conditions.

The movie showed a different portrayal of what paralyzed people have to go through

everyday. The portrayal of the athletes intimate lives was in no way disturbing, however it was

surprising. Realizing and seeing what they have to go through everyday just to get around is

shocking. People who have disabilities have to work as twice as hard as others. Do to the fact

that they don't have the same abilities as others do, life may become more of a struggle for them.

Murderball gives the disabled the chance to be around others who are just like them.

Some people who get involved in Murderball seem to become addicted to it. An example from

the movie would be the coach of the Canada team. This coach has his heart set on winning every

game, sometimes he got to be a little to much. But by watching this movie it is now understood

that murderball is one of the only ways they could be involved in sports, and that could be why

the coach is extremely involved in this sport. It could also be because murderball alters the

stigma of a person with a severe disability. When they are able to play a sport it makes them feel

better about their conditions. It gives them the chance to be a part of a very active norm with

people who...
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